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Our prices are very reasonable and affordable.
Each project is negotiated on its own merits.
Standard practice requires pricing according to the number of words contained in the original text needing translation or proofreading.
However, we make judgement on each individual project, taking into consideration other criteria, such as:

- the subject matter
- the text complexity
- the urgency of the requested service
- the anticipated form of distribution
(free or paid material, personal or business use)

We will need to see the original text/manuscript to offer a quotation.
Standard Rates
As a guidance, our rates are as follows:

Standard Rate: £15/$25/€20 per 100 words
Minimum Charge For Any Translation Job: £15/$25/€20
Proofreading: £7/$10/€9 per 100 words
Minimum Charge For Any Proofreading Job: £7/$10/€9

Projects of more than 1000 Words
are subject to a separate negotiation.
Standard Delivery
All translations are word processed
and delivered in Microsoft Word format.

Standard Delivery is made via Electronic Mail.
It can also be made by standard Postal Mail,
at no extra charge in the UK.

Delivery outside the UK or via Special, Recorded,
Express post are subject to an extra charge.

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